Who Are we? You don’t know us from Adam, so why should you put your trust in us? Well, Top Design Blogs is headed up by Gary Nugent. He’s been a full-time internet marketer since 2004, so he knows a thing or two about building successful websites and blogs.

He broke free of his 9-5 job as a contracting software engineer by writing and selling some niche products – astronomy software. You can read about them here: LunarPhase Pro and Jupsat Pro. LunarPhase Pro is now one of the top three software applications about the Moon. He also developed and sold the Keywords Manager application that made it easy to create and prepare keyword lists for Google Adwords Campaigns, and SiteBuilder Elite which let you quickly create dynamic, SEO optimized, monetized websites with the click of a button (a different approach than using WordPress).

In addition to that, he has created a multitude of websites and blogs over the last 10+ years, many built on the affiliate marketing model, that provide quality information on topics from Great Landscape Photography to online stores like Telescope Sales. And he provides information for people who want to make a living online at the Internet Marketing Help and Email List Building Techniques blogs.

He’s also the author of WordPress Defender, a book that looks at the dangers of not securing your WordPress blogs, how you can secure them with a mix of free and Premium plugins (which are used in the blogs we build) and how to recover a blog that’s been hacked or compromised. The book is available for the Kindle or as a PDF (you’ll find it listed in the sidebar).

The rest of the team perform a variety of tasks from graphic design, such as creating website / blog headers, Facebook Timeline Covers, Google+ and Twitter covers, to crafting and submitting Press Releases, video creation and other SEO tasks.

If you’d like to contact us or ask any questions, you can reach us here.

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We also run the Niche Site Institute membership which teaches members how to market their sites and how to benefit from affiliate marketing. There are some free courses available too.

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