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If you’ve read the posts on this site, you probably came across the Why You Should Be Careful About Choosing a Webhost post. Not all webhosting companies are created equal and it’s usually a false economy to sign up with the one with the lowest price.

I’ve used Hostnine for several years now, after going through a roster of webhosts that didn’t live up to expectation. Either they provided bad support, were overpriced for what they offered or had an unreliable service. And there’s nothing worse than having a site down because of some technical fault in your webshost’s data center. Well, there is, and that’s if your website gets hacked.

One thing many webmasters are lax about, is in doing regular backups of their sites. Some don’t do any! There’s a reliance on the webhost for that function. Usually a site can be restored from a recent backup (e.g. in the case of a site hack) but there’s no guarantee this will be the case (especially if a site hack happened weeks or months before it is actually discovered). So knowing your webhost makes regular full backups of your site is something of an insurance policy. Hostnine falls into that category. But webmasters should always do their own regular backups anyway.

Those who build an affiliate marketing business will likely be building and maintaining several wesbites. It’s important that different web properties reside on different IP addresses. With Hostnine’s reseller plans, you can put your websites on up to 55 different IP addresses at no additional cost. They have data centers in the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands and Asia.

I recommend opting for one of the Hostnine Reseller accounts, with #2 (normally $24.95/mth) suiting most affiliate marketers or those building websites for clients (like I do here at Top Design Blogs). The #2 plan allows you to create 99 cPanel accounts, each walled of from the other as added protection in case any one account should get hacked. There’s ample webspace at 99Gb and 999Gb of bandwidth. You can allocate as much space and bandwidth as you need to each cPanel account, depending on the size of the site and the amount of traffic it gets.

For smaller sized web businesses, the #1 plan ($14.99/mth) will be a better option. This allows up to 19 cPanel accounts to be created.

Reseller accounts are more cost effective than buying multiple Shared Hosting plans. Because each site is in its own cPanel, site security is better – there’s no cross infection of sites as can occur with Shared Hosting.

I can’t recommend Hostnine enough. Several of my clients have also opened their own hosting accounts with them now as well.

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