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You can have the best website in the world, but if no one visits it, what use is it? Many webmasters (including my clients) have sites that are designed to earn money in one way or another. So web traffic is vitally important for that business model.

Is SEO Enough?

Having a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) blog like the ones I build is a step in the right direction. SEO here refers to on-site SEO – how the site is constructed, what parts of it the search engines are allowed to see and what parts they are not. Doing this right will definitely improve your rankings.

Offsite SEO is another step – getting quality backlinks from good, relevant sites in your niche. A few of these are worth more than hundreds of low quality backlinks from unrelated and low ranking sites.

A sustained campaign of building quality backlinks and being careful with what anchor text you use for those links can make a site climb through the rankings.

A lot of that work is outsourced now due to the time required. And, every so often, for some reason, a site gets stuck in one place in the rankings. No amount of new backlinks seem to shift it. What do you do when this happens?

The CTR Site Metric

I recently stumbled on a website promotion methodology I’d not encountered before. And this looks to be an excellent tool for anyone’s website promotion arsenal.

You’ll be familiar with the concept of Click Through Rate (CTR) if you’ve ever put anything like Adsense on your site. CTR is a measure of how many times when something is displayed that someone clicks on it. So an ad that’s displayed 1,000 times and gets clicked 90 times has a CTR of 9%.

What I only learned a while ago is that Google measures the CTR of your sites from its search result listings. If someone does a Google search on a keyword and scrolls through pages of search listings and clicks on your page link, Google takes note of that. The more it happens, the more Google recognizes that your site has something of value to offer visitors. And in recognition of that, it boosts the ranking of that page in the search results.

Now you could do this yourself if you had access to a few computers on different IP addresses. But the more keywords you want to rank for, the more time you#d have to spend doing this activity.

The Crowd To The Rescue

The other option is to hire someone to do the work for you. But you’ve got to explain what they have to do. And how do you monitor what they’re doing (if they’re doing what you want at all)? And how to you know they’re following your instructions to the letter?

That’s where CrowdSearch comes in. This service automates the process for you. You create a promotional campaign, provide your keywords and the page each keyword links to and the system does the rest.

CrowdSearch actually has over 200,000 people who will do this drudge work for you. Their performance is monitored so you get a report of what’s happening. These people will run a search for your keyword, scroll through the search results until they get to your page, click the link and visit your site. They’ll then visit a couple of internal pages while staying on the site for a few minutes. This decreases your bounce rate and boosts your rankings.

The system is smart enough to be able to determine how many searches a day need to be run for your site and how long the visitor should remain on your site. Various metrics are used to determine these values. Here’s an inside look:

CrowdSearch uses a credits based system. Each search costs 1 credit as does each minute that the visitor remains on your site. So a site that requires 5 searches a day with a 3 minute visit duration would cost a total of 15 credits per day.

Final Thoughts

This method gets real people to your sites. They may not be your actual target audience, but they are humans rather than some bot. Them simply looking around your site will boost your page rankings. Results happen in as little as 3 days. Just be aware that this is not a replacement strategy for backlinks. You still need to build those. But it’s a great method to get human eyeballs on your pages and that’s something Google in turn takes note of…and rewards.

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