Secure Niche WordPress Blog – $249

A niche blog is a generally a small blog that markets and promotes a specific product or provides information on a specific topic. The total focus of the blog is on that one product or topic. The blogs we build will have 5 100% unique articles on them, all discussing some aspect of the product or niche the blog is designed to promote.

Example Secure Niche Blog
Example of a Secure Niche Blog targeting the Hemorrhoid niche

All you will have to do is to promote the blog; everything else is done for you.

The delivery time is 10-12 days as writing the content is the most time consuming part of the process.

A Secure Niche Blog – $249

So Here Is What You Get
With A Niche Blog:

This is the option to choose if you want your blog installed, including a Premium mobile responsive theme and 5 100% unique articles on the blog. The blog will be pinged to several services which will trigger the search engines to come visit and index the site.

  • 5 100%-unique articles for your blog about the product you want to promote.
  • Your articles will be proof read, polished and formatted for publication with subheadings and bullet points to make them more appealing to visitors.
  • One image added to each post. The images will either conform to commons usage or be purchased from a stock photo library, so that there are no copyright issues (see this post).
  • Your affiliate link inserted at various places in the blog, including in an image ad in the sidebar (if you provide one).
  • A Premium mobile responsive Theme (Genesis – Value $79). If you would like us to install a different premium theme, you can send that to us.
  • The latest version of WordPress installed (currently V4.8).
  • The Spyder Spanker Pro premium plugin which prevents bad bots from accessing your site and potentially compromising it. The plugin is also integrated with Project HoneyPot so that site accesses from known bad IP addresses are killed before they reach your site. Bot traffic is also throttled which saves you wasted bandwidth.

  • Your blog will use a secure username and password (no “admin” users here).
  • Additional Security plugins to further harden your blog.
  • All unnecessary posts (e.g. “Welcome” post), pages (e.g. “Sample” page) and plugins will be removed so you’ll have a clean blog ready to add further posts to.
  • Your blog will include “Affiliate Disclosure”, “Privacy Policy”, “Terms of Service” and “Contact” pages – all now required by Google for sites.
  • Your blog will include site management plugins also all pre-configured for you.
  • Your blog will email you a backup of your database once per week.
  • Permalinks will be set up so post and page URLs have the correct format.
  • Your blog will include SEO plugins that are pre-configured for you. These will look after on-site Search Engine Optimization – this includes keeping low quality pages created internally within WordPress from being indexed by the search engines (resulting in higher rankings for your site).
  • Your blog will contain a pinglist that alerts various services when you add content to your site (so helps with site indexing).
  • Your blog will include a graphical header image to make it even more appealing.
  • If you opt to have the blog built on our webserver, you’ll get your own cPanel and 3 months free webhosting.

A Secure Niche Blog – $249

Need Additional Articles?

If you would like more than the standard 5 posts on your blog, additional articles are $30 each. This covers the cost of paying a writer, proof reading, possible rewrites, formatting the article for publication and sourcing an image and or video to place in the article plus image editing. Additional articles can be ordered here (set the quantity you need on the order form):

The blog can be built on our own webserver where you’ll get 3 months of free webhosting. You can move the blog to another webhost if you like within that time.

If You’d Prefer That The Blog Be
Built On Your Own Webserver:

…we will need this information from you:

  • Your cPanel URL, username and password (you should have already added your domain to your hosting account and set up the nameservers)
  • Your theme zip file (and your payment receipt if you’d like me to install a Premium Theme you’ve already bought)
  • Your Akismet API key if you have one (Akismet filters out spam comments)
  • Your Google Analytics code (if you want to track how your site is performing)

All customers will get lifetime access to a membership site that provides 50+ WordPress video tutorials – learn everything you need to know about WordPress especially if you’re new to it!

Need A Premium Theme For Your Blog?

Many free themes can provide a great-looking blog. But if you want themes that can be set up to look different on different sites, then you’ll need a Premium Theme. These are some of the best:

Need Webhosting For Your Blog?

If you still don’t have a webhosting account, get a Baby Croc plan from Hostgator.

However, our recommended webhosting company is Hostnine (we host all our sites with them). Choose one of their reseller accounts – they start at $14.99 per month, but each of your websites will have its own cPanel (makes sites more secure) and your sites can be distributed across 55 IP addresses across the world (USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands and Australia) at no extra cost. With a reseller hosting package like this, your sites get a greater amount of server resources which means they’ll load faster and not be affected by what’s happening on other websites (as is the case with Shared Hosting).


Need A Header Image For Your Blog?

Header images are a fixed size so it’s best to know what theme you want to use and the width of your site before you create a header image or get one created. If you’d like a header image created, you can order one here for $17.

If you have any questions, please either contact me via the Contact page or leave a comment below…