Besides building blogs, I also offer a number of other services related to WordPress blogs:

  • Facebook Timeline and Profile ImagesIf you want to raise the profile of your website, then having an associated Facebook page is practically a requirement. Branding your FB page is important so we also offer a service for getting Facebook Timeline and Profile images created. It pays to have a professional looking FB page!
  • Moving A WordPress Blog To a Different Webhost – take the pain out of moving your blog to a new webhost.
  • Managed Blog Service – I’ll look after upgrading WordPress and your plugins regularly, do security scans on your blogs and add the Secure Scan Pro Premium WordPress plugin to your blogs to further secure them (I use this plugin on all my own blogs).
  • WordPress-Hacked-150FREE WordPress Security Healthcheck – If you have a WordPress site, get a security healthcheck for it. Find out how vulnerable your blog is to criminals. A compromised blog will damage your brand and reputation, may get you de-indexed from Google and could cause real damage to people who visit your site.
  • Automated Blog Posting – If you have more than a handful of blogs, keeping them updated with new content can be a problem. With this service, you’ll get articles posted automatically to your blog. Check out the page for more information.
  • Bespoke Blogs – you may want a blog that doesn’t fit into the four blog types listed on this site. If you’re looking for something a bit more individual, simply send your requirements to me and we can take it from there.
  • Webhosting  – your blog will be hosted on our web servers. Each blog will incur a $2.50 monthly hosting fee after the first year (you get 1 year of free web hosting) so this is a way of cutting costs if you only want to run a blog or two. If you have higher aspirations, then get a reseller hosting plan from our recommended web host, A2Hosting.
  • Press Releases (coming soon) – These are a great way of getting the word out about your site. There’s an art to writing a good press release so it’s something best left to professionals. And it’s also a good idea to let professionals distribute to the various press release sites as they can negotiate bulk pricing. Press Releases give your site immediate exposure as well as creating quality backlinks. As the releases are picked up by other sites, you get even more backlinks. Using press releases is one of the current best ways to promote your site.

The links above will take you to pages that provide more information about these services. You don’t need to have ordered a blog from me in order to avail of these services.