Many people use WordPress to create their online presence, whether that’s an affiliate marketer, someone blogging about a passion or a small/medium business advertising their service online.

Malicious hacking of WordPress websites is on the rise with a recent survey finding that 90% of businesses suffer some level of attack every 12 months. In fact, over 30,000 WordPress blogs are compromised each and every day, to one degree or another.  These attacks vary from infecting websites with malware to complete corruption.

If you’re doing any kind of business online, what do you think would happen to your business if your website was hacked? What would it potentially do to your reputation…or your income?

In 2012, the ProPublica news site ran a story that indicated that in one year alone, $1 trillion dollars worth of intellectual property was stolen due to malicious attacks. Small businesses are the primary target.

WordPress sites are known to be a popular platform for hackers because unless they are properly secured, they are easy to penetrate. The problem with any level of attack is that it can end up costing businesses thousands of dollars.

And, if Google deems your website to be unsafe you also run the risk of being de-indexed.

Get a Free Security Check

So, with that in mind, I am currently conducting free security audits on WordPress sites. 8 known vulnerabilities are tested and you’ll be emailed a report detailing what’s good and bad about security on your site.

Simply fill out the form below. Make the Subject of your email: Site Security Test and include your blog’s URL in the Message box. Don’t forget to include a valid email address so you can receive your report.

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Complete WordPress Security Audit

I am currently offering a complete WordPress security audit for $149. This offer is only available for a limited time. This would include fixing any problems that were found through my testing plus hardening your blog against other potential attacks through the addition of quality and Premium WordPress plugins.

In addition, I will provide a full site backup of your blog in the event that you ever need to recover your site should a hacker compromise it (my guess is that your site is not currently being backed up against this eventuality).

On average it takes a few hours to fix these types of issues and secure a blog (provided the audit does not reveal anything further).

Order a complete WordPress Security Healthcheck ($149 – Limited Time)

Once you order, you’ll be taken to the contact page. Please use this to send me the details of your blog (URL, blog admin username and password) so I can get to work auditing your site.