Migrating and Transferring a WordPress BlogThere are times when it becomes necessary to migrate/transfer a WordPress blog from one web hosting company to another. Reasons include your dissatisfaction with your current web host; moving to a web host that offers better hosting plans for the same money; your current web host changes ownership and service quality goes down; better ancillary services offered by an alternative hosting company; or maybe you’ve bought a blog from one of the auction sites and want to move it to your own web server.

Migrating a blog involves moving all the site files along with the database which contains the blog content, settings and other information. In addition, certain paths used throughout the blog must be updated so that WordPress will know where to find its various components on the new webserver.

I can take care of migrating a WordPress blog for you. It would take less than a day in most cases (though very large sites might take longer given the amount of data involved).

In order to move the blog, I’ll need the admin-level login credentials for the blog itself, along with the login credentials for the cPanel of the account where the blog is to be moved to.

If your blog takes up less than 2Gb, Get your WordPress Site transferred by me – $20:

Note: After you order, you’ll be taken to the contact page. Please use this to send 1) your blog login info, 2) your blog cpanel login info and 3) the login info for the cpanel where you want to move the blog to.

If you have a larger blog (i.e. one that’s bigger than 2Gb), then contact me for a price to transfer the blog. Larger blogs require more effort to transfer and so will incur a higher fee.