Sample timeline covers

Facebook gets a quarter of all web traffic on the planet and it’s still growing. Smart businesses take advantage of that by creating Facebook pages to promote their products and services rather than relying solely on the traffic a dedicated website can bring.

Every Facebook page has what is called a “Facebook Timeline Cover”. It is, in essence, an image of fixed dimensions that’s a graphic header for that Facebook page. It’s here that companies and individuals can brand themselves and get a quick message across to readers.

It is the first thing visitors will see when they visit a page.

Facebook merely provides a placeholder for that image and it is left to the page owner to design it (or have it designed) and uploaded.

Here’s what the top of a Facebook page looks like after a Timeline Cover image has been added:


The “Liked”, “Following”, “Message” and “…” buttons are placed over the lower right of the image by Facebook itself. The large square (bottom clipped off in this image) at the bottom left is the Profile Image. This is a separate image from the Timeline cover and is usually used to show the picture of a person or a logo. If no profile image is provided, that area of the Facebook page will look like what you see in the above image.

For personal pages, the image isn’t that important. But for a business, it is vitally important. It’s an image ad that sells your service, product or company. And, as such, it needs to be professionally designed rather than slapped together in some haphazard fashion.

We offer such a Facebook Timeline Cover design here at Top Design Blogs. You can see samples of covers we’ve designed for other clients (with their permission) at the top of this p[ageso you can get an idea of the quality of the designs you’ll get when you order from us.

When you order, we’ll ask you a few questions about what you want such as:

  • Any images you want included (you must own or have a license to use these)
  • Preferred colors (maybe your company uses specific colors you’d like replicated in the Cover design)
  • Logo/Business Name/Title Text (if you have a company logo that needs a prominent position in the design)
  • What style of cover image you like (or links to examples that you can send to us)

Fast Turnaround: Facebook Timeline Covers are designed and delivered in 5 days or less.


A Professionally Designed Facebook Timeline Cover – $68


A Professionally Designed Facebook Timeline Cover & Profile Image – $78