By Gary Nugent

Click the image to see a full demo of the theme.

As you may know, the blogs I create here at Top Design Blogs are primarily built on the Genesis Framework. StudioPress are the company that created that framework and the multitude of themes built on it.

Who can resist a WordPress theme that shows off your content like it’s a meal in a 4-star restaurant? StudioPress certainly couldn’t resist bringing their latest theme to the blogging public. It’s delicious, as they say!

The main course of your blog is, of course, your content. You’re serving up your words, your images, your thoughts, your videos. You’re serving yourself to your audience, and you want them to keep coming back for more. Daily Dish Pro makes that happen time and time again. This amazing theme shows visitors what to focus on immediately and what’s most important. With Daily Dish, you get to decide what that is.

The Daily Dish Pro Theme offers mobile responsiveness right out of the box and serves up that perfect experience to every user, regardless of their device. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The Daily Dish Pro Theme was created as a versatile theme to showcase each individual area of your food blog, craft blog, or “fill in your interest” here blog. With Genesis 2.1 under the hood, Daily Dish Pro gives users HTML5, six page layouts, custom header and background areas, landing page templates, and spectacular typography.

Check out the demo here.

The Top 10 Best Selling StudioPress Themes for August 2014:

  1. Foodie Theme
  2. Parallax Theme
  3. Executive Theme
  4. Magazine Theme
  5. Epik Theme
  6. Agency Theme
  7. Lifestyle Theme
  8. News Theme
  9. Metro Theme
  10. Swank Theme

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