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UPDATE: Unfortunately, this course is no longer available. These are three competing courses that are current:

Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man
-Bill Gates

From Bill Gates, the kingpin of tech, to you. Building up a profitable business flipping websites (as opposed to flipping domains) takes effort and diversity in flips. Breaking into the scene can be tough when you’re not an established seller or don’t already have a large list of past buyers. Diversifying your revenue streams is a crucial way to stay afloat while experimenting with websites flips.

It’s Time To Learn About Flipping Domains

Zack Booker's Domain Flipping Made EasyZach Booker has put out THE BEST course I’ve ever seen on domain flipping. And I’ve read quite a few courses with vague ideas and unproven concepts. Domain Flipping Made Easy is, without a doubt, unbelievable. Zach gives you TONS of different ways to flip domains, meaning you immediately start out with a diverse business strategy – something very important to keep cash flow positive while you build out larger flips. Other bonuses are:

  • Building a killer buyer list of potential site buyers
  • LEARNING A new skill in buying domains and what makes them valuable
  • Profiting QUICKLY buying and selling domains – No buying and holding for years. Buy and sell NOW.

This course is 3 years in the making. Premium doesn’t even begin to come CLOSE to describing the course material that Zach is providing here.

Zach’s course – Domain Flipping Made Easy – is built around turning a $10 investment in a domain into a $300 sale and scaling up. But that’s not everything. Zach is showing you TONS of other domain flipping strategies. He doesn’t just lay out 1 strategy that has worked once or twice – Zach has 4 MODULES – Each with multiple PDF’s on a different domain flipping Strategy – this is a PDF-based course and not a video tutorial (and all the better for it I think).

These are NOT over-saturated domain flipping ideas but proven repeatable domain flips. If you’ve spent some time with Flipping Paradise (the excellent website flipping course), you’ll know the value in finding the RIGHT kind of domain (one with value outside of just the domain name) and doing that work can result in some big time profits. I’ve gone through this entire course (was digesting most of it over the weekend) and I couldn’t resist sharing this with you guys. It’s over 300 pages spread across multiple PDF’s – JAM-PACKED with golden info.

The course allows you to follow two main routes:

Selling to domain resellers – here you sell your domains to other domain dealers. The prices you get won’t be as high (you’re dealing with folks who know this business) but your domain turnaround times are fast.

Selling to end users – End users (i.e. people who buy with a view building a website on the domain or see how the domain can strengthen their own brand or business) is where the real money lies. A domain’s worth is subjectively assessed by the end user and they will pay a lot more for a good domain name than the resellers. The problem is you have to hunt them out so that waiting time means it takes longer to actually flip a domain.

Get This:

Zach has a total of 19 (THAT’S NOT A TYPO – NINETEEN) PDF’s in this course. And these are NOT dinky little PDF’s with fluff information but they’re full courses in their own right. I don’t really understand why he released it all together (he could of easily split each module up into its own course or upsell) but whatever – he’s providing top quality with these.

Total page count of this course? 366 PAGES of Premium Quality Content.

Don’t let me hype this up anymore than it needs to be, look at just a few of the course names:

Zack Booker's Domain Flipping Made Easy - Module 2 Methods

Zack Booker's Domain Flipping Made Easy - Module 3 Methods

Check Out Domain Flipping Made Easy NOW

This is only about half of the course, each of those are ENTIRE courses with full screenshot PDF’s to hold your hand through the course and get you profiting buying and selling domains.

This is (hands down) the best course on domain flipping I’ve ever seen. This blows Flipping Paradise out of the water (at least in terms of what domain names you should buy). Zach is putting out absolute GOLD here and you CANNOT miss this. If you’re at all interested in some quick cash between your long term website build outs and want to firmly establish yourself in the flipping world, diversify and start flipping domains.

And Zach stands behind his product, he has a 60 day refund period if you bite off more than you chew or don’t find quality in this course but I’d venture to guess there’s no way that would be even possible.  

I have learned more in this course than any other product I’ve ever purchased in a long, long time.

You have to check out Domain Flipping Made Easy now before Zach pulls the plug on this one – I promise you will NOT regret it.

Bill Gates, the world’s richest man has said it himself – domains are an excellent place to invest a bit of money and Zach Booker gives you the best resource for profitably flipping domains.

Check Out Domain Flipping Made Easy NOW

Happy Flipping!

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