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WordPress is one of the, if not the, most popular blogging platforms online. It’s also very prone to being hacked unless you, as a webmaster take proactive steps to secure your blogs from the ever-present hackers.

Did you know:

  • 30,000 WordPress sites are hacked each day?
  • 72% of WordPress blog owners use little or no security on their blogs?
  • 63% of WordPress webmasters don’t even know that their blogs have been hacked?
  • Only 15% of WordPress blog owners actually keep WordPress and the plugins up to date?
  • That “admin” is still the most used username for WordPress blogs?
  • That webmasters still use easily guessed passwords?
  • That there are 200+ vulnerabilities in WordPress that can be exploited by hackers?

It’s no wonder that it’s easy for hackers to crack WordPress sites, and that includes script-kiddies running off-the-shelf scripts designed to break into WordPress blogs, let alone a committed hacker who’s intention is to put your blog to his nefarious use rather than simply defacing it.

If you’re not securing your blogs, then Google are also going to know your blog has been hacked long before you do. And that means your blog is seen as being in a bad neighborhood, so obviously Google are going to penalize your blog. That means it will plummet in rankings and it takes a lot of effort to them recover from that, even after you’ve repaired your blog.

And of course, you’re losing revenue from your blog along with with regular visitors and new visitors who will never return. And, if your blog has been infected with malware, your visitors may be leaving with a bit of parasitic software that can compromise them.

Introducing…The WordPress Security Bible

WordPress Security ebook

This 50-page ebook will show you how to secure your WordPress blogs for little or no cost but the time you invest into securing your blogs, which is time definitely well spent.

And, if you’re in the unfortunate position of already been hacked, the ebook will show you how you can recover your blog and get it up and running again.

Obviously, prevention is better than cure and it pays to protect your blogs, stopping hackers in their tracks.

So start protecting your blogs and your investment of time, money and resources in them and get your copy of the WordPress Security Bible today

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There are no upsells to worry about. The only thing on sale here is the WordPress Security Bible!

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